1974 - 2012

Zappa-ing  - 2012

Zappa-ing                                   1974 - 2012

The heart of this picture is a screen print on a thin sheet of aluminium. The image is developed from a photograph of a collage of deteriorating publicity posters taken in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve, 1972. In the Autumn of that year, Frank Zappa and the ‘Hot Rats’ orchestra had gigged in Europe.

Frank’s ‘Zapata’ moustache and facial hair were central to his image and thus the hook upon which this composition hangs. The lower part of the composition comprises a section of a coloured screen print on A1 size paper from an edition of 15, long sold out. This off-cut itself is sublimated to an aleatory composition, created by the passage of time.

Mixed Media: Screen ink on aluminium and paper, metal bolts,

Poplar and Pinewood, clear acrylic resin.

100 x 69.7 x 4 cms.

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