Who, What or Why is 'i AmArt1st'

The European, Anthony M Alcock, born in Nottingham (UK) in June 1947, now lives with his family in the south of France. In the second half of the 1960s he studied art in Loughborough, Leicester and Bristol, where he later lectured in the subject. Apart from a few years as being recognised as an original artist, he chose to earn his living as a teacher, musician, music shop owner and eventually as an integral part of the successful company, MOGO UK. Wanting to reactivate his artistic ambitions, he has recently chosen to identify himself as :

i AmArt1st.

The wonderfully symmetric initials, AMA, seem to have regularly informed his approach to creating his 'Essays into Art'; consequently, he tends to refer to his creative self as ‘AMA’. He uses these initials as the identity of the person he believes he could have been and may yet become, rather than the person he feels he was obliged to be in order to pursue a living though other means - an existential dilemma for many a creative person.

The following pages contain images, music and insight into the life of this now aging artist,

and attempts to reveal what he believes was always his own, true identity.

AMA may think he knows something about art, but he certainly doesn’t know what you like.