War M** Pistol Sex

1965 - 1974 - 2003

War M** Pistol Sex - 2003

War M** Pistol Sex                               1965 - 1974 - 2003

It was during the summer holidays before starting at Art College that AMA had seen a picture by a ‘Modern’ artist whose work he thought he could emulate. That artist was Mark Rothko. Oblivious to the significance of scale, AMA prepared a panel of hardboard, 78 x 50 cms. in size and aspired to producing a ‘colourfield’ painting. The colours were based on low density buffs and browns plus a bright emerald area on a strident orange ground. It did not take long to realise there is more to Mark Rothko than his just juxtaposing areas of colour.

Nine years later, on leaving his teaching post at St John’s School, Leatherhead, AMA had in his ‘collage box’ the remnants of a Daily Telegraph War Map of 1945, certain memorabilia from his schooldays in the CCF and a handful of imperfectly formed plastic soldiers. It was clear that the afore-mentioned orange rectangle was in dire need of revision, and at least it provided a solid background. Thus a collage came into being, taking its title from the eponymous fragments of the wartime newspaper. Perhaps the most significant development of this work at this stage was the creating of a shallow space frame. The front panel is a sheet of clear acrylic sheet onto whose inside contours of semi-translucent silkscreen medium are applied. An abbreviation of the work’s title is also printed onto this image-obscuring acrylic panel viz. the letters, WAR M to some extent describing something of the sensation concerning the original painting.

Twenty nine years later, this ‘boxed’ rectangle was expanded into the 1.11 metre square format being used in other works of the time. The surrounding back panel has added to it amplifications of ideas contained in the original ‘box’ plus an extension of the theme . The most significant new addition to this work in this third phase is that of a 1950′s image of a naked young lady toting a pair of six-shooters. Her introduction hopefully presages a sense of rebirth, even in the face of war, heat and conflagration – There is warmth in her projectiles and now the artwork’ projections.


Mixed Media :
Oil, acrylic and various pigments on wood, board, acrylic sheet with collaged objects.

111 x 111 x 11.5 cms.

Private Collection