Untitled, no Meaningful Content

Untitled, no Meaningful Content          2018


When spray painting something, the overspill can often provide an interesting painterly result.
This was the case when whatever was being sprayed was removed from the brown paper mask. AMA chose to keep this piece of paper, just in case! Having recently come across an old, used, 1950s style picture frame, the time had come to put the two elements together; the paper fitted beautifully.

A little added colour, two sympathetic panels and, Ecco; the result. The work attempts to say nothing other than what it manages to produce as an enigmatic and most pleasing enclosed, visual space. Consequently, AMA thinks the title to be quite fair.


Mixed Media : Spray paint on brown wrapping paper placed over acrylic paint on canvas over board, plus translucent acrylic and cedar wood panels, set in a typical 1950s picture frame.

Dimensions : 79.3 x 68.2 x 5.2 cms.

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