Introduction & Allegro to an Uncertain Future 

1969  -  Very lightly modified in 2015

Drumhead Red - Future.tiff
Introduction & Allegro to an Uncertain Future for Wind Quartet
00:00 / 04:02
Introduction & Allegro to an Uncertain Future for Saxophone Quartet
00:00 / 04:04

This music was originally conceived in 1969 for a wind quartet comprising a Flute,

Bb Clarinet, Horn in F and Bassoon, and was first performed at Bristol University a year later. After AMA left this fine place of learning, the hand written score and parts were necessarily filed away, only to be dusted off forty-five years later, after AMA had familiarised himself with the marvellous Sibelius software and found himself playing Baritone sax in the Aurélien Saxophone Quartet in Fréjus (France).

The two instrumental versions provided here are brought to you courtesy of the serendipitous Sibelius synthesised sound system. Sadly my local sax quartet has not yet managed to play this well enough to merit a recording.