Tricolor en Transition


Tricolor en Transition - 2011

Tricolor en Transition                                                  2011

The starting point was AMA’s reacting to some stained offcuts of oakwood left over from installing a new kitchen. The proportions were such that they made him think of the blue and red segments of the french Tricolor. In the cities of France the ethnic nature of the population is changing quite visibly. This work is a comment on that observation.

The central white panel, which has no apparent texture, represents the traditional European inhabitants, whilst the other two panels represent that growing part of the population that originates from France’s ex-colonies. That which was blue in the Tricolor moves to the edges of the ‘flag’ surface whilst also colouring the flagpole supposedly supporting the composition. This Bourbon blue would appear to be evaporating the further it is from its true source, whilst the revolutionary red part of the Tricolor appears rather less fresh.

Mixed media : Acrylic paint on calico over wooden panel with further

added wooden elements plus acrylic sheet and silk cord.

61 x 71 x 8.5 cms.

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