Transfigured Landscape


Transfigured Landscape - 2008

Transfigured Landscape                              2008

On returning to the East Midlands in 1993 to start a new life, AMA found a seemingly unfinished canvas in a secondhand shop in Nottingham.

The original picture started out in life as a landscape painted by a Danish Artist, Knud Erik Neilsen, but the canvas very much looked as though it could benefit from further development.

AMA has always had a fear of the virgin white canvas and what he saw in this existing painting was the basis of a composition he felt he could develop. The only part of the original painting which has not been painted over and developed is the cream coloured gable end of what could be construed as a building.

Although the original painting looked like a very poor abstract work suggesting a landscape, it was this off-white shape that lead AMA to want to depict a sense of refuge within what became a more formalised landscape, a ‘transfigured landscape’.

Oil on canvas within handmade wooden frame

83 x 83 cms

Private Collection