This Work Cries Palingenisis

2012 - 2013

This Work Cries Palingenisis - 2013

         This Work Cries ‘Palingenisis’                                                             2012 - 2013

Following on from his recent works using neon tube light set within translucent, semi-reflective light boxes, AMA thought to work with a different colour and shape of tube light. In this case the shape of the tube is based on the non-italicised Daytona typeface ‘0’.

The depiction of ‘nought’ divided into two by a vertical bar is an image that has interested AMA for quite some years. This image suggests a number of ideas: It is both ‘one’ and ‘zero’ at the same time, it contains the symbols for ‘On’ and ‘Off’, it suggests something quite organic, possibly a cell dividing, a grain or seed, an alimentary canal, and for the more prosaic, a hamburger on its side.

The resulting illuminated aperture in a rectangular box appeared as no more than an unoriginal ‘one liner’ adding no more to the canon of earlier works in this vein, it needed some context. Creating an outer frame and applying paint to canvas was the answer, creating the challenge to effectively balance both the presence and absence off coloured light with pigment.

Having confronted this challenge, there remained the question of a title. ‘Palingenisis’, A word that AMA had discovered a few years ago, seemed to express the elements, process and experience of the work - beautifully. ‘Palingenisis’ comes from the Greek palin, meaning again and genesis, meaning birth. In producing this work, AMA really felt he was going back to his roots as an art student. For him, this work really does cry ‘Palingenisis’.


Mixed media: Neon tube with acrylic mirrors, semi-reflective glass panels and

acrylic paint on canvas stretched over shallow wooden frame.

94.3 x 87.4 x 8 cms.

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