The Opening (La Breche)

2010 - 2011

The Opening (La Breche) - 2011

          The Opening (La Breche)   

                                                             2010 - 2011
What a cause of embarrassment - the image of a very fine, clean, symmetrical human vagina.
In no way does AMA relate to the medical profession; this work came about circumstantially.

For a while, in a number of his works, AMA had been experimenting with neon tubes providing a light source placed between semi-translucent and reflective surfaces. A further development was to place an recognisable image behind the furthest semi-translucent surface which would then only be made visible by the light reflected between two parallel semi-reflective surfaces in front of it, rather than exterior lighting. Instead of having a large aperture through which the light source was visible, and thus germane to the piece, the light source was to be hidden behind a front opaque panel in which a slender aperture was cut and through which spectators could view a subject beyond the light source.

In attempting to cut a symmetrical and slightly ornate slot in this panel, his efforts unintentionally began to take on a shape suggesting a human vagina. Well, what does that say about the artist? Overcoming his natural reticence, he felt it necessary to do a little research into the subject matter that would then add interest to what otherwise would have been a standard, hard edge painting with a hole in it. In putting these two elements together, the title became self-evident and, being made in France, also bears the title, ‘La Breche’.

What is really interesting in this piece is how the central subject matter seems to float in its ambiguously defined space; an image of a Yoni appearing, disappearing and reappearing, as the spectator modifies their view point.

Since its completion, this work has been seen by a good many people and, what astonishes the artist is that this work appears to be of most interest to adult women. The most self-conscious person in the room / gallery always seemed to be AMA.

Mixed Media : Acrylic paint on canvas over wooden panels with tube lights and reflective surfaces.

71 x 71 x 9 cms.

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