1994 - 1995 - 2005


THE EFFECTS OF COLLEGE GREEN                   1994 - 1995 - 2005

Pulped paper documents, the figures 1 to 9, and a number of squared off naughts form the substance of this work.

This time, the documents reconstituted into the nine tablets of handmade paper originally did contain numbers – literally tens of thousands of them. These paper records were the product of nearly fifteen years of laborious book-keeping, most of them by AMA.

Imagining retirement from a long and fulfilling career in art education, AMA thought running a music shop would be an enjoyable pastime, such was his fondness of musical instruments. Little did he think that, at the age of thirty one, he would be doing just this, playing what he thought to be his 'last card' in an attempt to earn a living. The idea then became to earn enough money and independence to eventually retire and return to world of art. However, in the spring of 1993, this all came to an end – his life's work had lasted not quite fifteen years.

A lot of hope, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of care had gone into creating his music retail business and when the end came, there was not really that much to show for his efforts. Those fifteen years had been fun but there wasn't much left from the business at 30 College Green, Bristol that didn't find new owners. Just as with the correspondence created by his divorce, the years in the retail trade had produced a plethora of paper documents, none of them of any value now that the business was formally closed.

Implicit in all this unwanted paper were years of emotion recording the successes and failures of this modest business. The whole exercise had been the 'big one', its records had to have some future. Now he had left Bristol, and once again in an art environment, he had the chance to use boxes of raw material and a paper pulping machine. There were a lot of numbers to reduce!

A work was created in1995 from certain remnants of 30 College Green and duly exhibited. The piece may have meant a lot to the artist but, no doubt, left many spectators cold. Ten years later, AMA thought a little coloured light would jolly up the introspection of these compacted memories. The austerity of the original object is now something rather more gay with the addition of neon tubes, but still not quite there, 2005.

The final version with spectral colours added to the nine panels, 2009.

Collage : Handmade paper, oak wood, velvet on board and polycarbonate sheet.

All materials originate from premises at 30 College Green, Bristol.

Neon tube and acrylic paint added ten years later.

93.6 x 93.6 x 10 cms

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