The Beginning and the Whole

1994 - 2008

The Beginning and the Whole ​ - 2008

The Beginning and the Whole                                 1994 - 2008

The central handmade paper tablet embossed with the figure ’9′ is only one of a number of such paper tablets made from the re-constructed paper documents that remained at the end of AMA’s fifteen year year spell in retail business. As indicated in various other works in this collection, the original paper documents were full of little figures, pertinent but largely unrewarding at the time, but best realised as pulp!

The largest single unit number ’9′, embryonic in form, is the numeric symbol that contains the whole sequence of decimal units that precede it. This was reason enough for the simple act of impressing the number ’9′ into the converged fibrous mass that was part of his previous fifteen year’s experience. However once done, the dried out paper tablet was stored away not to be retrieved for another fourteen years.

Looking to produce a number of small scaled artworks for an exhibition in November of 2008, AMA’s search through his archives produced this handmade tablet of embossed paper and the simple act of making a formal presentation of the item came to mind. The idea behind the tablet has some depth to it but pragmatism demanded that its presentation be simple and direct.

Is this a case of conceptualism becoming decorative art?

Papier – maché embossed with acrylic and various water based pigments on hessian over wooden panel.

65 x 65 cms

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