That is all There is


1994 - 2008

That is all There is   - 2008

That is All there is                       1994 - 2008


Within a pile of unwanted paper records and the myriad of figures contained therein, there were years of emotion relating to the successes and failures of a modest commercial business. This documented enterprise had been the 'big one', its records had to have some future.

Having the opportunity of working with a paper pulping machine at Loughborough College of Art in early 1994, AMA produced a number of works whereby these fifteen years of printed records were pulped and reconstituted as tablets of hand made paper.

On one of these tablets were embossed the hand drawn and cut numerals, 1 - 9 in the same nine square format , common to a number of AMA's works, placed over the number '0'. This exercise was undertaken as some form of sketch which resulted in the 0 / 762451938 series of embossed etchings.

This embossed tablet remained filed away in the recesses of his studio for years, always with the intention of appearing in a work one day. It wasn't until summer 2008 that conditions were sufficiently propitious for AMA to considered revisiting this theme. The original thinking was to make something more elaborate and maybe striking; however, as the work progressed it became evident that the quiet calm and composure of the panel was the effective content. A simple, straightforward presentation within a shallow space-frame contrasting the light texture of raw calico and the reflective sheen of clear acrylic was enough to express AMA's calmer frame of mind, fourteen years later.

From the turmoil of the early 1990s, that is all there is.

Mixed media: Embossed hand made paper on calico stretched over wooden panel

with acrylic sheet and wood frame.

75.8 x 58.5 x 5 cms.

Private Collection