The Telling of a Story

I recently had the chance to work with a really bright young man, Arthur is his real name and he was eight years old. Maybe I knew already but, through him, I learned how one might order unbounded and intuitive ideas into a narrative.

Each life is its own story but with many, many stories wrapped around that which starts at birth, and then may well continue after our time.

At one level, one may think, life is a straight line, but to live it is anything but. The question is how do we maintain balance upon this one taught line, a time line stretched between two points, one of which is our beginning, the other . . . who knows? It passes through, and may become entwined, with every other story we encounter. Just as a tightrope walkers uses a long pole to extend their sense of equilibrium, so should each individual endeavor to take in hand all that existence we encounter around us, in order to help focus in our progress along this metaphorical taught, straight line.

A narrative is more than a list of events, observations, commentaries. A narrative is a story that starts at one point and progresses through to its end, making sense of all the other narratives with which it comes into contact, creating the link between one point and the others that help lead us to that ultimate goal; i.e. the story of our lives.

All points of view are entirely valid, but more so if their holders can see further than just the one thing chosen to be identified for commentary / criticism. May all of us, in walking between these taught extremes of life, learn and benefit from as many stories that cross our way.

Young Arthur, although only very young, can create a dynamic narrative. Javing had the opportunity to be one of his teachers, I trust I have helped him recognise and organise his own pertinent observations in a way that may help him to continue and develop his own story.