Someone Save the Queen

1977 - 1994

"Someone Save the Queen"   1977 - 1994

During Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in the summer of 1997 it was very easy to find work as a musician. Whilst ‘gigging’ at a social club in Melksham, Wiltshire, AMA discovered this wonderfully kitsch image of Her Majesty embossed into a thin plastic sheet languishing behind stage. Something could be done with this and this ‘objet trouvé’ was taken thence, only to further languish in a drawer at home.

In 1994, the time was ripe to open that drawer and together with a selection of other discarded objects, this commemorative plaque of Her Majesty became the starting point of a visual narrative composition.

This work is not intended as a panegyric to the British Royal family, but the random selection of objects adorning Her Majesty’s presence came to suggest the theme of progeniture.  In this proud depiction of the queen, she wears ribbons bearing medallions of her father and grandfather, whilst  beside her, placed on a scaffold, is an image of her first son, Charles with his then wife, Diana and their first born, William. The present and past are hereby tied together by fine lines and chains maintaining a precarious balance.
The linearity of these relationships is emphasized by the metaphor of a fishing float and a sinker held in suspension together with a semi protected phallic object loosely tied to an anchor point; a skull-like object hovers above the monarch’s head.

Above all this is a light source; by pulling on the chain extending below the ‘scaffold’, the spectator may further illuminate and modify this composition, a sort of feeble gesture, but allows the individual some involvement with this privileged family, none the less. 

Mixed Media: Commercial image on molded plastic, plus found and modified objects in wooden frame with light fitting and pull switch.

72.2 x 49 x 8.6 cms + Chain pull

Someone Save the Queen 1977 - 1994
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