Sevillian Interlude

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Sevillian InterludeTony Alcock with Jawz, Bristol 1976
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The original theme and its harmonic underpinning first came to mind in 1976.


During this time I had a daytime job as an art lecturer in Bristol and spent many an evening playing music commercially. Sevillian Interlude was originally arranged for and played by a Bristol jazz band entitled Jawz; Stephen Spielberg's monster film of that name had just been released, only he spelt the name 'Jaws'.

The lineup of Jawz at the time was (L to R) Myself on reeds, Freddie Hill, trumpet; Tony Orrell, drums; Tim Holden, piano; Richard Crozier, tenor sax and Jonathan Thackery on Bass.

Four of the above mentioned players have gone on to have successful careers in music: Freddie as a significant and much respected composer of orchestral music in Australia, Tony O. has remained in Bristol where he has become something of a drumming legend, Richard has been very successful in music education and administration and Jonathan plays double bass professionally and runs a musical agency. Sadly, I have lost contact with Tim.

As for me. I have remained a semi-professional musician whilst involving myself in teaching, creating and running 'The Bristol Music Shop' (1978 - 1993) getting lost before working with MOGO UK on very specific commercial and successful graphics projects.

This uploaded version of Sevillian Interlude was created using the Sibelius music editing program whereby the sounds are all digitally reproduced. I have tried to write the instrumental solos in the styles I remember my colleagues playing.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as, having done this exercise has brought back many happy memories for me.