Restarting Life as an Artist

From the mid 1960s, AMA studied art, exhibited and lectured in the subject up until
summer 1977; after which, circumstances saw him pursue a career in music and retail. In 1993, on being able to return full time to the world of art, he recognised that to be a practicing artist, there are five effective requirements:

          1/  The wish to be so,
          2/  The time to do it,
          3/  A place to do it, (no matter where)
          4/  Some materials with which to work, (no matter what)

          5/  Something to say.                           -                  and that matters!


After sixteen years away from this creative activity, the world had changed, we were now ‘Post Modern’ and the latent ‘Modernist’, AMA, discovered he had seemingly nothing of value to say.

Looking back on these intervening years, he realised he had accumulated sixteen years’ of printed business figures, some good off-cuts of hardwood and a failing first marriage. On top of all this, AMA was very unsure of his place in the world. However, with these remnants of a past life, he felt he had found a starting point.

Working with a wealth of counting numbers, images of attractive young women, a broken heart and, by discovering a personal approach to work, AMA was able to start identifying what he believed to be his place in the world.