Essays into Art

After qualifying well in Fine Art (Painting) from Leicester Polytechnic in 1969, AMA was invited to be ‘Artist in Residence’ at his old school, Uppingham School. It was there he was given the opportunity to further develop his ‘Light Organ’ to a level whereby it was considered seriously by the contemporary art world and exhibited in significant UK galleries.

It was during this residential year that AMA was identified as being a natural teacher and was encouraged to do a PGCE in art education. The artist in him would have loved to have continued as a full time practitioner of art, but he didn’t have the confidence to do so and decided on a life in education. It was evident from the start that teaching was his natural calling, and AMA, being quite mono-functional, is still only capable of doing one thing at a time. Consequently, he couldn’t pursue a life teaching as well as giving himself wholly to producing art. Education provided secure employment and art didn’t; a realisation that strikes many a budding artist, with only a few feeling capable enough to ‘fight the good fight’.

However, in 1977, AMA was made redundant from lecturing and decided to choose another career path - playing M.O.R music and music retailing. The latter activity prospered sufficiently well until 1993 when it became clear he had also run this particular course; but this time he was now in a position to return to the world of art. It was clear that, in those intervening sixteen years, the world had changed; we were now in the ‘Post-Modern’ era and this latent ‘Modernist’, returning to his first love, discovered he had seemingly nothing of value to say!

It was April 1993 and he had to start again being an artist.  Where to start?  What to say?  What is art?  etc. etc.?

Searching around for a stating point, AMA realised he had accumulated sixteen years worth of no longer required printed business figures, some good off-cuts of hardwood and a failing first marriage. On top of all this, he was very unsure of his place in the world, but with these remnants of a past life, he felt he had found a starting point. Working with a wealth of counting numbers, Pin-up images of attractive young women, a broken heart and some off-cuts of  quality hard woods, AMA was on his way, again.

Apart from the 'Light Organ', what you see on this website is work mostly created between 1993 and the present day. It isn't 'Modern', It isn't 'Post-Modern', I'm not sure that it is even 'Contemporary'. Some of it has sold (some for good prices for an 'unquoted' artist), and some of it is still for sale.


Notwithstanding 'ism' labels and any attributable financial value, we hope you enjoy looking at AMA's

Essays into Art, which are grouped as follows. However -



These visual essays contain personal and obscure thoughts,

clearly expressed.

Number 5 Surrounded by his Associate
Numbers, Equilibrium & Painting
La Breche
Light, Symmetry & Sex
The Anguish of Adolescence
Identity, Relationship & Drawing