Pin-up in my Pocket



Pin-up in my Pocket  -  2002

Pin-up in my Pocket                          2002

This is one of three pieces of work conceived in 1997 based on the central image of a very well appointed young lady. AMA first came across the lady in question during his first year away at secondary school. There she was, probably no more than a couple of inches tall, posturing towards the back of a pocket size magazine printed solely in black and white belonging to one of AMA’s schoolboy pals. Well, when one is a thirteen year old boy with fast developing hormones, images like this can have quite an effect, certainly that was the case in 1960. So much so, the magazine found its way into AMA’s hands and the appealing photograph was cut out.

Stationery items were rather more limited in those days, so to protect this discovered ‘icon’, AMA attached his 'find' onto a thin piece of card with slender bands of sticky-back plastic. The resulting treasure was then keep for safety in his wallet. Over the ensuing years the wallet was lost to the sands of time and completely forgotten, and that included Mademoiselle in her french camiknickers and arresting pose. However, when moving house about a third of a century later, AMA found the wallet with this once precious but forgotten item in it.

The passing years had had their effect, not so much on AMA’s hormones but on this little paper image. The glue of the sticky-back plastic had permeated the paper which was printed on both sides and the reverse side image was drawn through the paper to be partly visible from the front. An unexpected visual phenomena had happened here, all be it accidentally, and it certainly related to other pieces of work in which AMA was exploring how the quality of an image operated in relationship to the visual depth of the work’s surface.

In striving to be an artist, any form of inspiration is welcome and this chance rediscovery was no exception.


Thermal image printed on paper with denim fabric and brass rod in

wrought iron frame.

50.5 x 41.5cms

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