Painting my Numbers - IN

1994 - 2012

Painting my Numbers - IN 1912

Painting my Numbers - IN                            1994 - 2012

This canvas started out as ‘Barnet, Mark & Jasper fit a Saab 900, (Original Model)’, painted in 1994. On opening its packing case prior to an exhibition in 2009, AMA was devastated to see this work effectively ruined as a result of flooding which happened not long after his arriving in Saint Raphaël. AMA’s studio, originally a garage is below the house which is built into the shaly rock of the Esterel mountains. The upper and lower sections of the canvas were quite dilapidated, but the original work being so close to AMA’s heart, he set to preserve the central horizontal section by cleaning and then repainting it.

Just re-modelling the three central bands of colour was clearly an unrewarding exercise and with the top band of blue containing the 'Daytona Zero' gone, the composition was quite lacking. ‘Alors’, not only did AMA think to put the ‘Zero’ back into the painting, he chose to do it thrice and at different scales, diminishing from left right, for the painting was to be called, ‘Painting my Numbers - OUT’. This painting had become an effort to expurgate AMA’s original interest in number forms.

However, as the painting progressed, more and more attention was being paid to the existing original numbers and, indeed, more and more
numbers were being added; clearly this was becoming a case of ‘Painting my Numbers - IN’! It became evident that the proportions of the work were just too long and thin; so placing, at the top of the composition, a well figured Ash wood panel, opened up on itself with the join hidden by another piece of wood, seemed to be the answer.






Oil on canvas over board with added Ash and Ipé wood.

62.5 x 181.2 x 5.8 cms.

Despite the addition of pieces of wood, probably the artist’s favourite material, AMA sees this work as a pure painting which demanded his reaching back to his earlier days as an artist who was very much more involved with the use of paintbrushes.

War M** Painting my Numbers - IN, in Gallery

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