Numbers, Equilibrium & Painting

It all restarted with numbers in the spring of 1993, the end of one life for AMA and the attempted return to an previous one, that of being an artist. After leaving Uppingham School in 1965, AMA enjoyed life as an art student. On graduating, he was able to live through his art activities for eighteen months before eventually becoming a school teacher and then a lecturer in the graphic arts and art history in the university and colleges of Bristol.

AMA is very mono-functional and having chosen to commit himself to art education, was unable to carry on producing artworks at any meaningful level to himself. Circumstances were such that he changed career direction in 1977 and after a year struggling to live as musician, he opened a music shop in Bristol, 'Atone Music'. The quality and experience of the venture were magnificent, but AMA was no business man and, after fifteen years in the business, it was fitting to bring that episode to an end. Being very independent of nature, he had always wanted to support himself through what ever activities he felt capable and in 1993 he had enough capital available to enable him to return to being an artist, for a time.

Barnet, Mark & Jasper fit a Saab 900, (Original Model)
War M** Pistol Sex - 2003
Number 5 Surrounded by his Associates
No 5 is Halfway There -1995
Somewhere between Zero
The Number 5
My Little Box of Numbers, Counting.
After the Flagellation (of Jesus Christ . . . by Piero Della Francesca)  - 2000
Number 5 is Taking Shape - 1996
No. 1 Outnumbered  - 2012
Semiotic Fluid - 2008
The Beginning and the Whole - 2008
Arrested Time and Movement - 2005
Nine Square Noughts -2002
0/762451938 - 1994
That is all There is - 2008
Cyclamen - 1968
Painting History . . A - 2005
Nipple - Symbol - '7'  - 2000
Painting my Numbers - IN  - 2012
1964 / 5  and All That - 2008
Moving from this World to Another - 2008
The Music goes On and On - 1964
Composition with a Drum-head - 1964
Reduction of Numbers, Take Away 9  - 2002
Transfigured Landscape - 2008
"Non, Je ne Regrette Rien"  - 2008
Primary Strokes of Colour - 1964
View of Menton Starting the new Port de France - 1966
Uppingham Graveyard and Art School - 1965

In this section on AMA's 'Essays into Art', you will see a few images from his earlier work, obviously only those existing to be photographed. This early work is no more than that typical of a young student, and this narrative is not really about that; everyone has to start somewhere. However, in 1968, AMA started work on something that turned out to be really quite significant, his 'Light Organ', the influence of this can be seen on the pages relating to 'Light, Symmetry & Sex'. In this section you will see examples of his painting, his fondness for working with symmetry and equilibrium and the circumstantial restarting point of numbers.