Number 5 Surrounded by his Associates

1993 - 1995

Number 5 Surrounded by his Associates

                      Number 5 Surrounded by his Associates             1993 - 1995

This was the first piece of work undertaken by AMA after returning to producing art after a sixteen year gap. 'Number 5 surrounded by his Associates' retains intense personal significance and takes the form of a wooden relief made from two hundred year-old, 9mm thick mahogany cut from discarded shelving used in a mid-nineteenth century safe. It depicts the figures 1 - 9 separately positioned in three rows and three columns. The textural richness of the wood grain is enhanced through the use of oil varnishes whilst the composition is held together by the background painting of the central figure '5′.

The figure Five has significance for two reasons. Within the decimal system, '5' occurs naturally midway between the counting numbers '1′ and '9′ and represents half the number '10′, the identifier of that system. Besides this numeric nicety, early on in AMA's modestly successful business career, the figure '5′ became a symbol of success. For whatever reason, every set of figures involved in this business reduced to '5′ : Telephone Number, Street Number, Bank Account No, VAT No., even the surface area of the shop floor reduced to precisely five square feet . . . Spooky or what! The Number '5′ seemed as good a starting point as any. It may only be a numeral, but attach it to a piece of wood and it's started to become something else.

Wood grain and wood surface, varnish and surface quality. the protective surface through which one looks to see into and through the wood, the very material of the work. The shallow depth of the relief surface is significant, what lies within it? The numeric signifiers, appear in an order one does not immediately rationalise; are they the subject? Each number is and has its own formal character, quite different from its neighbour, just like its spectator. We recognise them and they have substance; Number '5′ has taken material form at last.

Wooden relief : Honduras Mahogany, English Ash with with oil paint and spirit varnishes.

73.3 x 73.8 x 7.5 cm

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