Number 5 is Taking Shape


Number 5 is Taking Shape                             1996

After being exhibited in an gallery in Bayeux, an ink jet print reproduction of the 1993 work, 'Number 5 Surrounded by his Associates' was left to moulder in a not too dry basement in a house in Normandy. By virtue of being a flat print, the three dimensional element of the original relief is missing and the conditions under which it existed for almost a year helped soften the outlines that identify the separate characters.

To add some 'edge' to the work, the figure 5, made from the same Honduras Mahogany timber as the original has been placed over his own image at the same scale. Within a shallow space frame and with allusion to its now decaying cohabitants and the original nine square grid, the embryonic number 5 is growing and taking real form.

A year later in May 1997, a son, Antoine Zola was born; AMA became a father for the first time.

All this work with 0s, 1s, & 5s was paying off !

Wooden relief : Honduras Mahogany with ink jet print, cord, English Ash and Pine frame.

61.4 x 61.4 x 4.4 cms

Private Collection