Nuclear Sunrise

2010 - 2011

Nuclear Sunrise 2010 - 2012

This piece is the combination of two quite different ideas, the link being expressions of lightness and darkness. The starting point was the possession of a rather stylish bathroom cabinet stating ‘Made in France - 1957’; it was designed to contain two light bulbs to illuminate the central mirrored section.

Having recently discovered the effect of placing a light source between a solid mirror surface and a semi-translucent mirror, AMA realised the form of this cabinet was perfect to attempt making an infinity mirror. Imagine getting up in the morning, looking at your self in this mirror, only to find that your reflection looking back at you from within an obscure deep and dark space. Quite unnerving, best this sensation be linked to an art object rather than a prosaic piece of bathroom furniture.

Initially, the two outer hinged cabinet doors had mirror glass facing, now the relation between them and the central section no longer worked, thus a fundamentally dark image was required in their place.

In 1965, the young AMA had drawn a composition of four outline figures and called it ‘Dancers on Set’. Between then and 2010, this drawing was inverted and added to a painterly dark image which AMA called ‘Nuclear Sunrise’, an intended image of the aftermath of Armageddon.

Dividing this image vertically provided two panels whose nature, scale and proportions seem to fit the two outer sections of this bathroom cabinet beautifully. So behold: A 1957 bathroom cabinet, an infinity mirror and hand drawn images of some form of life from without the obscurity of space.

Who is not to say that after the apocalypse, Earth’s light source will not be blue?

Mixed Media: Adapted 1957 bathroom cabinet plus ink jet prints of line drawings

made in 1965, oil and acrylic paints with neon tube and mirrors.

58.7 x 93.5 x 19.5 cms.

Nuclear Sunrise - 2011
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