AMA String Quartet No.2

‘Not in Tune with my Zeitgeist’

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AMA String Quartet No.2Tony Alcock
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‘Not in Tune with my Zeitgeist’       composed by Anthony M Alcock            October 2019


This composition is based on a single harmonic cadence, a minor second chord of which the major seventh resolves into the tonic via the minor chord's sixth becoming the tonic of the following major chord.

I was offered this cadence by a friend in1968, I played with it for a while and got nowhere, consequently it was put on ice and pulled it out fifty years later. It sounded as fresh as ever! I hope you enjoy how I have developed it within the music.

I hope you think the instrumental sounds of a classical string quartet are replicated pretty well by the Sibelius music editing software I use.


Suitable for performance by students, Grade V, or above.