No one in my Bedroom 


2000 - 2006 - 2012

No one in my Bedroom  - 2012

No one in my Bedroom                          2000 - 2006 - 2012

Throughout much of his adolescence, AMA was very conscious of forever being alone in his bedroom, certainly no girls ever found their way there in any meaningful way. The bedroom in which this solitude seemed to matter most was that in his parents' flat in Menton Garavan, France. Throughout the 1960s, the Alcock family would spend their summer holidays there, whilst from 1967, AMA would tend to travel with his male friends and holiday there enjoying the greater opportunity for the expression of personal liberty.

It was during the summer holidays of 1968 that this longing to know a young woman in his bedroom really took hold. Piroska, a striking and sensuous Hungarian girl whose family moved to Sweden in 1956, was the object of desire. Unfortunately for AMA she had a boyfriend, a fine chap who motorcycled all the way from their home town of Uppsala to be with her for some part of the holidays. Although their passions were no doubt satisfied, those of AMA were not.
One afternoon towards the end of the holidays, recognising the undiminished intensity of his feelings for her, Piroska did enter the bedroom, and in the deeply shuttered southern light, unbuttoned her garment allowing AMA sight of her gratifyingly exposed breasts. What beauty, but 'Noli Tangere'.

The bathroom in this flat would be dimly lit by a small tungsten tube augmented by borrowed sunlight passing through a small window high up in the adjoining bedroom wall. Whilst undertaking ablutions in the gloaming of this bathroom, AMA would often muse on finding some desirable female whose unmasked, suntanned body were there to await him on his return to the bedroom. A couple more years had to pass before this truly became the case.

In this resulting work, the two translucent half-tone photographic images, taken in 2000, depict views seen either side of this window - the orange trapezium (am.) observed whilst lying in bed, the clear blue rectangle of shuttered light whilst seated amongst the waterworks. The pale mauve and yellow head in silhouette is that of AMA, the by-product from an image made not long after the above mentioned episode. The other squares of information and circular forms emerged independently as parts of ongoing studies in the expression of wholeness and nothingness and circumstantially found their way to become part of this work. The assemblage of this rigid and formal composition may have taken six years, and another six before the addition of a little integral lighting, but that is as nothing compared to those enduring happy, fruitful memories of balmy, carefree summers in Menton, many years ago.

And of course, there were always those nipples.

Mixed Media: An assemblage of individually printed and painted images

attached to canvas and metal foil laid over board with LED lights added

in wooden frame with clear acrylic front panel.

77.1 x 91.7 x 9.5

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