My Ageing Sexual Images

2002 - 2013

My Ageing Sexual Images - 2013

My Ageing Sexual Images                     2002 - 2013

A quasi-triptych composition made from trial pieces and rejected pieces of other artworks.

An image, intended for sexual titillation, that ‘inspired’ AMA since his school days was that of a young woman, her folded arms raised in such a way as to emphasise her impressive, conical shaped breasts. This picture, when combined with an image of Michelangelo’s David’s groin interspersed with frames of pure coloured light, recorded onto 8mm. film in 1971, later became to be reworked in a number of artworks such as ‘Pin-up’ in my Pocket (qv).

The same, very low resolution image of Michelangelo’s David’s groin appears in other works such as ‘Hello Fruit’ (qv) where it is blown up in scale to a point where it begins to loose identity and becomes an abstract colour feature. The idea of taking either emotionally or intellectually charged images and working them to the edge of recognition within a formal compositions is a starting point for a line of AMA’s artwork since 1993.

Lying about AMA’s studio were offcuts or otherwise unsatisfactory sections of other works which, in themselves, had particular visual or textural qualities preserving them from the dustbin. Certain of these displayed particular, yet sufficiently concordant, colour qualities and suitability of scale to be selected for the making up of the artwork to be entitled, ‘My Ageing Sexual Images’.

For the artist, this concocted piece, formally based around four colour centres; off-white, blue, pink and browns, displays an elegance and objectivity about a subject that, many years before, would have been most awkward to consider.

Mixed media : Ink jet printed images on paper and canvas applied to panels supporting canvas, hessian, wicker, acrylic based pigments and acrylic resin,

set within shallow Ash wood space frame,

56.8 x 102.8 x 4.5 cms.

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