Moving from this World to Another


Moving from this World to Another - 2008

Moving from this World to Another                                2008

AMA had been creating decking for his garden in France; the exotic hardwood he was using is of a type known in France as Ipé. The grain in one of the many offcuts of this naturally oily wood suggested a simple image in his mind to which he applied a little oil paint. This action evolved into a composition which suggested a cloaked figure moving towards an archway. This subsequent image seemed to imply a sense of progressing from one place to another – from wheresoever to the beyond.

To aid this action, two similar visually interesting offcuts of Teak wood were selected with which to express the starting and possible arrival points of this character’s journey. One wooden panel was eventually collaged with a piece of card printed with a simple columns of numbers, the other had been previously used for painting colour swatches for matching purposes. From there on in AMA simply painted outward.

This piece was quickly conceived and put together for an exhibition to be held in Loughborough during the last two months of 2008. It carries nothing of the angst and introspection that underlies so much of AMA’s earlier work.

Happily it ended up in a client’s private collection.

Mixed Media: Oil paint on wood on hessian with acrylic plastic.

28 x 50 cms

Private Collection

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