1965 - 2002

Moments  in Time and Space - 2002

MOMENTS IN TIME AND SPACE                   1965 - 2002

Constructed over a few hours in 2002, 'Moments in Time and Space' is a collage of various rectangles of information created or collected by AMA since 1965.

The oldest element is the rectangle of cardboard painted streaky black containing a white and black parallel lines and a white outline square. This was produced whilst at Uppingham School as some kind of appreciation of the work of the Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian; little did he know that rectangles and right angles would come to predominate as compositional formats within his own work of later years.

The use of by-products of artistic practice is inherent in this piece, each element being a self contained item of some aesthetic quality but benefiting from the extended context to validate its appearance in public. Apart from the piece of retractable ruler, every part has the hand of the artist in its production, including the musical notation, 'Movements in an Empty Room', a composition written in 1977 in response to attending the wake in the house of his just departed Grandmother.

The youngest element is the digital colour image of two independently shod feet entering a room over a trompe-l'oeil floor of a rural French 'Mairie'.

The whole is set in a shallow space frame behind a sheet of clear acrylic which gently reflects the gaze of the viewer and his or her occupied space.

Mixed Media : Variously printed and painted images collaged onto canvas

and board in wooden frame with clear acrylic panel.

80 x 99.5 x 6 cms.

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