"Me voici, Père Ubu, LOVE"

1994 - 2000

"Me voici, Père Ubu, LOVE"  - 2000

"Me voici, Père Ubu, LOVE"   1994 - 2000

An assemblage of three disparate but complementary printed images accessed trough three different technologies:

1.  A naked young lady assessing her body, downloaded from the Internet in 1997
2.  A hand written text of 1967 copied on to a bromide print in Loughborough in 1994
3.  A greatly enlarged digital photo of the artist taken for a identity card at Coventry

     University in 1994.

A development of thesis, antithesis and synthesis is created within a shallow three-dimensional sequential strip-cartoon format. Most all the action, which is itself wishful thinking, occurs within the various physical layers of the construction. The elements of the drama are clearly set out but are variously obscured into various levels of readability.

‘Me voici, Père Ubu, Love’ is a story set in the subjunctive but indicative of the make-believe world of Alfred Jarry’s ‘Ubu Roi’.

Mixed media : wood relief, oil and metallic paints,

computer modified images, acrylic sheet.

51.5 x 101.5 x 6 cms.

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