At Peace with my Piano

Une Trève avec mon Piano

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Une Trève avec mon PianoTony Alcock
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Recently, I came across this little composition for piano that I wrote in January 1969, while developing my Light Organ in the Fine Art department at Leicester Polytechnic, as it then was.


After two pages of writing, I was running out of ideas as to how I might further develop the piece; so it came to an abrupt end, earning its title of 'Early Peace for Piano'. It has lain quite dormant amongst my archives all this time, that is to say, until December 2019.


A full fifty years have passed since the original musical idea entered my head and pencil was put to paper, and what you are invited to listen to is a development and extension of the page shown above; this time given form by taking advantage of modern technology, with Mr Sibelius at the keyboard.

Nothing of the angst of the young artist seems to have been lost in what is now necessarily a maturer composition. Although I now no longer practise the piano, the piano in my mind continues to play on. Nowadays, there may be more peace in my mind than fifty years ago, and maybe, the piano retained in my mind has now found more time in which to find a Little Peace.


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