Life in our Darkness


Life in our Darkness - 2015

Life in our Darkness                              2015

The starting point here was an offcut of hardboard mouldering in the rather damp cellar of AMA's house in France, on which was growing some very fine fungus. There being no light in the cellar, the organic growth was entirely white; it was and is very beautiful. That such natural activity was come across by chance must have some vale, thus it became the starting point for another essay.

So brilliant and fine was this natural, completely white fungal growth, seen against the dark dampness of its ground, that the idea of its relation to the absence of light grew in significance and lead to the idea of creating a light-box. The interior of this box contains oscillating reflective surfaces redirecting and mixing red, green and blue light; consequently the perceived white light never quite stands still. There is still Life in our Darkness​.


Light Box : Wooden construction with arrested fungal growth on hardboard;

acrylic paint on wood and frosted acrylic panel.

39.8 x 47.5 x 10.4 cms.

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