Le Beau Frank

1974 - 2013

Le Beau Frank - 2013

Le Beau Frank     1974 - 2013

Further to AMA’s revisiting his Zappa image of 1974, this work came about as a result of combining a monochrome version of ‘Zappa’ and the remains of the limited screen print edition used in the lower part of its sister work, ‘Zappa-ing’.

The idea was to combine pieces of both prints in a ‘9-square’ format, much used in earlier AMA artworks, and explore the areas where the resulting edges of the cut image could either butt up to or be covered by the width of the interior framework. This interplay automatically allows for the framework to add a whole new content which consequently expands the image.

Two of the lower sections of the original composition have been replaced with a reference to the musical composition by Karlheinz Stockhausen, ‘Solo - No. 19’. This particularly visual score merging with the original print and being laid over a reflective surface introduces something of the spectator’s self awareness. The integration of this type of printed musical element from 1969 is, to some extent, indicative of the musical direction in which Frank Zappa would be moving in the latter part of his life. Just as with AMA, Frank’s musical tastes were very varied.

The reflective letter ‘F’ was originally designed to identify a french registered vehicle. This found object, not long in his ‘collage box’, was just what was needed to add a little further richness and articulation into the mix. Indeed, it is this letter ‘F’ that inspires the title of the work, ‘Le Beau Frank’; linguistically, not a great distance from the way the French may wish to think of their country.


Mixed Media: Screen Ink on paper, acrylic paint on wood,
ink on clear acetate sheet over mirrored acrylic sheet, painted wooden frame.

83.2 x 60.1 x 5 cms.

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