It was Useful, Once


It was Useful, Once  2009

It was Useful, Once                    2009

A very simple piece created by AMA, something between the 'Ready-made' and a painting cum collage. Very simply, a garden trowel used to excess by AMA broke at its weakest point, i.e. the shaft connecting the functional part with its handle. This object had too much accumulated value to throw away; thus its becoming the starting point for a little, very lightweight artwork.

But actually an artwork that communicates very directly. Certainly it is symmetric and certainly it is phallic, and so it should be in this circumstance; a trowel is an essential garden tool in the procreation - of plants.

Are those yellow shapes kidney beans or are they ovaries?  Such is nature that its essential forms are replicated wherever they are needed. A neat little piece, AMA.

Mixed Media : Garden Trowel, Acrylic paint on canvas over board with

a broken garden trowel, aluminium in a pinewood frame

56 x 53.5 x 4.5 cms.

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