Homage to Joseph A. whilst Entering in Yellow



Homage to Joseph A. whilst Entering in Yellow      2008

This light-hearted piece of work started with a little rectangle of wood. It was the rejected wooden plinth from a very early work by AMA now entitled, “Non, Je ne Regrette Rien”.

This piece of wood had two steel rods removed from it, leaving two round holes surrounded by charcoal coloured stains, longtime leached into the wood; images caused by a chemical reaction between the metal object and the deteriorating varnish covering the wood. These two apertures looked just like human eyes, some say just like the AMA's eyes! This discarded piece of wood now became the starting point for another piece of work, something that grew quite unintentionally into 'Homage to Joseph A, whilst entering in Yellow'.

This was never intended to be a self portrait of the artist, but that is the first reaction of almost all who see this piece.

Mixed Media: Wood, metal, oil paint on fabrics over wooden panel

52.5 x 39.4 x 4.3 cms

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