Girls I would have liked to have known better 

1968 - 2002

Girls I would have liked to have known better  1968 - 2002

Girls I would have liked to have known better      1968 – 2002

In an attempt to resolve a lifelong appreciation of the naked female body and his conditioned sense of guilt of that self same pleasure, AMA has selected a number of ‘Pin-up’ images that impressed him from a very early age and applied them to a figure study painted as an art student in 1968. The intentions of the two approaches to the same subject-matter are quite different; one quasi academic, the other aimed to titillate.

By itself, this Nude study turned out to be a facile, self conscious, ‘arty’ image of little merit. However, thirty four years later, when coupled with copies of a selection of photographic images taken from a pack of 'artistic' playing cards, manufactured in about 1950, the composition becomes more emotionally charged.

The painting and the photographic images operate on contrasting scales requiring a change of perception of the subject by the viewer, whilst a flat, nine-square grid format creates a different kind of space from that of the picture plane, isolating and intensifying the memory of desire AMA once had of wanting to know these girls better.

Oil-paint with handmade transfer images applied over gesso on calico


83 x 83 cms

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