Chance is a * * * *  Thing

1995 - 1999

Chance is a * * * *  Thing  - 1999

Chance is a * * * *  Thing           1995 - 1999

The central image, applied to a tablet of hand-made paper, is a chemical reduction of a black and white photograph of the artist as a young man in a stage play at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in 1974. His being there had nothing to do with acting ability; the production needed a saxophone player. It was just circumstance that got him the job.

The career potential offered to AMA by his performing in an excellent university production of one the ‘Jeru’ plays by the African playwright: Wole Solenka faded just as the image of that moment faded soon after.

To create viable artistic substance, the effectively imperceptible, central image of  that single recorded moment in 1974 could only expand physically outwards; just as do the annual growth rings of trees expand from their first moment of life above ground. Throughout its growth, the original image seems to have collected a number of other visual references, pertinent to the artist at the time of the work's production. Eventually, the main composition is protected by a strong clear acrylic sheet; it has arrived, lucky image.

Mixed media: Photocopy of photograph applied to handmade paper,

canvas, oil paint, acrylic, brass tube and further collaged objects. 

77 x 60.5 x 8 cms.

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