Beyond the Light, Dark Blue

2006 - 2012

Beyond the Light, Dark Blue  - 2012

Beyond the Light, Dark Blue                                     2006 - 2012

The idea for this piece came into being in early 2006 when AMA was experimenting with light sources and semi-reflectivity. A blue neon tube, previously intended for an earlier work, is placed between a fully reflecting surface and a semi opaque membrane on glass which allows a given percentage of light through from the other side.

By satisfactorily determining the intensity of the light and its distance between the two reflective surfaces, one can create an illusion of ‘infinite’ space. However, the apparent depth of this illusion of space is somewhat determined by the ambient light of the room where the work is viewed.

To create an ‘artistic’ context in which to appreciate this illusion, I chose to create a largish stretched canvas, cut open and folded back to reveal the image - shades of Luciano Fontana here, but going rather deeper.

It would appear that it is the property of the colour blue rather than any other light source that creates this most enigmatic and profound space.

Neon tube, mirror glass, acrylic paint on canvas over board within

a shallow wooden spaceframe.

117.8 x 117.8 x 9.5 cms.

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