Beachball Girl


Beachball Girl - 1974

Beachball Girl                            1974

This screen printed image is taken from an old postcard found in Menton, south of France. Its charm, even then, was the dated nature of the picture, no doubt a photograph taken in the late 1940s / early 1950s. Clearly the development and production of AMA's 1974 interpretation of this joyful seaside image is much influenced by the arrival of 'Pop Art' in the intervening years.















Such is the sense of visual rhythm within the work, that AMA went on to reproduce the work as a form of Triptych, producing a work that has something in common with a strip of just three frames of a movie film, in this case animating a lovely young lady at one with herself, frolicking in a seaside setting. The oakwood frame replicates the sense of waves on the sea shore whilst each of the three individual image's background colours reflect the three predominant colours in the principal image; that is to say not those which are the golden / ochre colour of the subject's skin tones; very revealing!

Screenprint on paper with integral frame in Japanese Oak

54.7 124.8 cms

Triple Beachball Girl  -1974
Triptych and some remaining
single prints
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