The 'Be-de, be-De' Quartet in G Major

This straightforward, polyphonic composition by AMA was initially conceived for four saxophones,

but I think its genteel and inoffensive nature makes it more suitable for performance by a classical string quartet. However, the version provided here is an adaptation for a quartet comprising a concert flute, two clarinets and violoncello.

This pleasing photograph of a concert flutist, two clarinet players and a 'cellist was taken last summer, consequently the musicians shown are not playing this piece, as it was not written then.

Concerning the choice of title - for 'Be-de. be-De',

think of a 'semiquaver, dotted quaver, semi-quaver, quaver' rhythm; all set within one 3/8 beat.

For pronouncing 'Be-de. be-De', think of the french pronunciation of the letters, 'B & D',

Duration : 4' 01"                Suitable for  performance by students, Grade V, or above.

Spring 2018