Barnet, Mark & Jasper fit a Saab 900, (Original Model)


1994 - 2000

Barnet, Mark & Jasper fit a Saab 900, (Original Model)                                    1994 - 2000

The format and apparent content relate to AMA's appreciation of the work of the celebrated New York painters working in the mid 20th century : Barnet Newman, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns.

The dimensions of this painting are those of the floor plan of the luggage space available in a Saab 900 hatchback (1987 model) when the rear seats are laid down.

Worked into the substance of the top ultramarine lozenge are some of the finely ground ashes of his personal and business bank statements dating back to 1982. AMA has no further use for these records, yet between 1978 and 1993, these figures contained within largely conditioned his life.

Numerals, an acquired measurement of life, take material form in this painting and are liberated to float within the surface of the painting. AMA has no interest in figures as such, save the symbol '0'.

Oil and variously suspended pigments and ash on canvas.

110 x 181 cms

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