Arrested Time and Movement

1993 - 2005

Arrested Time and Movement - 2005

Arrested Time and Movement            1993 - 2005


It was all a question of containment.

Created from a collection of simple offcuts from various painting experiments at the time of AMA restarting his art activities, the central panel of this work emerged as a simple abstract composition and was enhanced by a cream coloured surround cropped from out of a display panel with an existing blue outline printed onto it. This exercise quite pleased AMA, but no more than that and was consequently laid to rest in his plan chest together with his collection of drawings, prints and paintings on flat surfaces. There it remained unexposed until the spring of 2005 and the arrival of his circular saw.

The original image was uncovered by accident, but on inspection something about it seemed to merit further work. Just as the dark central content is framed and contained by the light coloured card surround, so too did this assemblage seem to want to expand. A shallow wooden black box frame was made to contain and exhibit the existing collage, the size of the dark back panel requiring much consideration. The resultant size ended up being quite tight to the original, somehow containing and restraining the movement within the picture. The result needed to go further – the addition of found objects was the answer and items collected from AMA's time as a shop owner found their way to complement the composition.

As a result, this box seems to have somehow arrested any sense of previous movement in the two dimensional space of the original composition; it also seems to have arrested the time required for anything to move within it.

Mixed Media : Coloured inks on paper, including photo-sensitive paper,

mounted on board with found objects attached.

44.5 x 53.4 x 3.5cms. (framed)

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