A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal


A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal, Un Partout

For Wind Quartet : Flute, Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon,

 Spring 2021

A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal, un Partout.Artist Name
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A Pärt Modal, A Part TonalTony Alcock
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A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal, un Partout.Tony Alcock
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I have an admission to make; I only came to listen to the music of Arvo Pärt with open ears in January 2021. I was amazed to discover how his seemingly simple construction of 'Spiegle im Spiegle' expresses such an intensity of emotion; consequently, I thought I'd have a go at writing something similar, myself.


'A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal' and its extended version 'A Pärt Modal, A Part Tonal, Un Partout'

are the result.

In no way do I consider any of my compositions bear comparison with the quality of Mr Pärt's work, but I like to think this little composition, which was something of an academic exercise, and its longer version fall pleasantly upon the ears. The pieces start with a seven note motif / ostinato, with groups of five entries a Perfect Fifth apart. Although they start in 4/4, the seven note figure finds itself evolving into 7/8 time, creating a different but fluid and delicately balanced pulse. The extended version goes onto explore further musical territory while retaining the same musical language.


Whereas compositional ideas often to come to me while taking my morning shower, the actual organisation of the music takes place courtesy of the Sibelius music editing suit. In this case I have scored this little piece for a Wind Quartet of Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Horn in F and Bassoon,

a combination of instruments which sound I really enjoy.

I hope you feel good about this piece too.