Anticipation and Promenade

(au Cap Roux, Saint Raphaël)

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Anticipation & PromenadeTony Alcock
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Instrumental Quartet : Flute, Clarinet, Viola & 'cello



Recently, I was invited to join a small party to go hiking in the nearby Estérel mountains, a little to the east of the town of Saint Raphaël, in the south of France.


Anticipation and Promenade (au Cap Roux, Saint Raphaël) is a composition for a quartet of flute, clarinet, viola and ‘cello which attempts to express the anticipation of undertaking what might prove to be a strenuous hike. However, once having set out into this local picturesque landscape, my uneasy anticipation transformed itself into an amalgam of pleasurable sensations, constantly impressing themselves upon me, 

As I encountered the beauty that is Cap Roux, I began to realise that the nature of the composition, running through my head, had an uncanny resonance with the experience of my enjoying this happy ramble within such a rugged landscape. This resulted in my wanting to adapt this bourgeoning musical vehicle into expressing something of my response to the sights, textures and odours evident within this imposing, rocky environment. An experience enhanced by the colours and perfumes of the abundant and fragrant Mediterranean flora. 


The musical idea, on which Anticipation and Promenade is based, came to mind while sitting at the piano in 1972. For a while, the original theme and chord sequence became the basis for a regularly performed jazz styled composition. The composition then laid dormant until recently; on its rediscovery, I considered it worthy of further development - but this time, as an instrumental quartet, classical in nature.


This welcome recognition of symbiosis, now interpreted; I hope you enjoy listening to the result of  the inspiration accumulated during this invigorating afternoon's ramble, as it turned into a rhapsodic evening.

AMA   November 2020