The Anguish of Adolescence

1965 - 1993

The Anguish of Adolescence  - 1993

The Anguish of Adolescence                        1965 - 1993


This is the first clearly self-conscious, narrative work produced by AMA on his return to producing Art in 1993. As with his work of the same year, Number 5 surrounded by his Associates, The Anguish of Adolescence is an attempt to find a starting point for renewed art activity.

Obsessed in trying to analyse his life to date since leaving the security of home and educational environments, the latter in 1977, discarded and thus untainted mementos of the past came to be of reassuring significance to him. This collage is principally made up of image by-products of old work produced by the artist in the 1960s and 70s and photographic reproductive techniques available to him whilst working in a graphics studio during the autumn of that year.

The two adolescent male figures, whose eyes look but do not seem to see, first appear in an earlier work conceived in 1965, later borrowing the title, ‘La Guerre de Troie naura pas Lieu’ from the 1935 play by the french author Jean Giraudoux. The idea of revisiting perceived historical certainties and negating their circumstances and results has always fascinated AMA.

So too does he try to deny the traumas of his recent past by regression to happier times; in this case, the artists belated adolescence.

A sentimental but tangible souvenir of this time of his perceived sense of failure was an office calendar. The image of the attractive young lady reclining throughout the June of 1992 provided the necessary spur to overcome many past inhibitions and start to confront a terrible anguish.

Oh, for the sweetness of anguish one felt when one was adolescent!

Framed Collage comprising silk screen ink, bromide print, photocopy and

various painted pigments on paper behind acrylic sheet.

98.3 x 80 cms

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