Anglo Sax en France    

1997 - 2000

Anglo Sax en France    - 2000
Anglo Sax en France.  Hinged at angle
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Anglo Sax en France     1997 - 2000

This work takes the form of a hinged diptych containing some crude elements of language and is intended to be displayed opened up as a book; maybe a child's book containing simple, basic examples of language. However, this 'book' contains eight four-letter words of early Anglo Saxon origin, all similar in form in that they each contain one vowel and three consonants They words are in the form of anagrams so as to necessarily obscure their identity. However crude the sentiment, each letter has been lovingly hand cut and formed from 10 mm thick timber.

The vowels, depicted in bright, air caressing candy colours, so finely pronounced in French, contrast imperiously with the sombre, subsumed, often repeated, consonants so often employed for their Labiodental fricative, Palatal plosive and other phonetic values, so loved in the English language.














This work came about as I was living in both France and England and travelling frequently between the two countries. It aims to express the contrasting qualities be

tween the spoken English and French languages.




Wood relief with various paint mediums

84 x 169.5 x 26 cms

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