Saxophone Quartet No. 2

  Introduction and Promenade  


Originally, this piece was conceived in 1972 as a somewhat funky, jazz / rock composition for Alto Sax, Bass Guitar and Drums with the title, 'Just You, Just Me and the Drummer'. As such, it enjoyed some success in the jazz clubs of Bristol in the 1970s. However, half a lifetime later in 2016, and having developed a further interest in studying four part harmony, AMA thought the piece worth developing, in another style completely, this time for performance by the Saxophone Quartet in which he plays Baritone Sax in the south of France. As such, the result is entitled 'Saxophone Quartet No.2  - 'Introduction and Promenade'. To some extent, it tries to express something of the experience of  hiking in the Esterel mountains to the east of Saint Raphaël in le Var, thus the word Promenade in the title. The Introduction attempts to express a state of mind one might achieve as one sets out on one's 'randonnée'.


5' 12"