Who is 'i AmArt1st'

In presenting my Essays into Art   &  Essays into Music,  

i Am Art1st’ is written in the third person, singular.

In discussing Teaching Language,

I prefer to refer to myself in the first person, singular, ' i '.

First and foremost the author of this site, ‘i’, sees himself as an individual of an artistic tendency who identifies himself as AMA, i.e. someone in the third person.

1/  AMA would have loved to have committed his professional life to that of being an artist and identified as such by others, but had not the courage to do so.

2/  AMA would have loved to have committed his professional life to that of being a musician and identified as such by others, but he recognised his not having sufficient natural ability to do so.

3/  Having left art college in 1969 with clearly something interesting to say within the world of the arts, AMA had the opportunity to work as a practicing and exhibiting contemporary artist; this then led to lecturing opportunities. As the last rays of those halcyon days the 1960s faded, AMA accepted the decision to officially train as a teacher.

It was evident from the start that this was his natural calling. Many people appreciate having a natural calling, and that would have been great, but AMA is quite mono-functional, only capable of seriously undertaking one thing at a time. To work in education was secure employment: one was paid regularly and he was recognised as being particularly gifted at it.

Well, what of being an artist? AMA was always of a very independent spirit and no desire to live off the state to continue practicing his art; he would work in the field of education for a while, save up enough money and retire and support his own artistic ambitions. He felt he couldn’t fulfil both activities to his satisfaction at the same time - i.e. being primarily an art educationalist whilst producing artworks in one’s spare time. AMA has no problem recognising others can do this to their satisfaction, but it wasn't for him.

Such is mono-functionalism!

So what of music?  AMA knew he had a feeling for music since he was first able to identify sounds people called ‘music’. Despite having a very moderate ear and a nonexistent aural memory, he just had to be involved in the world of music and play instruments. Music has always been there in AMA’s life and, indeed, he earned reasonably well as a semi-professional musician, playing clarinet and saxophones and composing incidental music, but never so well as to give up the day job. More about AMA’s music can be found on : amart1st.net/music.

When the teacher training college in Bristol where he was lecturing amalgamated with another in 1977, AMA formally ceased working in education. (Super job there, damn demographics and the fall in the national birthrate). Rather than be relocated into something rather menial, AMA felt this was the moment to open a music shop; he wanted to be in the world of music, and music is an art, after all.

Fifteen years later, it was expedient for him to move on from the 'Bristol Music Shop'. It was now spring 1993, AMA was
emotionally stressed but did have a little money to his name; he had all the freedom he could want, now was the time to go back to art - and that is another story!

AMA painting his white shoes white
AMA takes a few bars rest!