A Light Codetta


A light-box with changing coloured lights playing over a a painted colour spectrum.


This piece is certainly a Coda to AMA's main work, his 'Light Organ' of 1968 - 1970. Certainly, this work is slight in concept, and for this reason it is called a Light Codetta. Formalised areas containing varying colours have always fascinated AMA. In a way, looking at such a thing relates to the everyday experience of naturally looking at the movement of everyday life, but it can be much, much slower - a remarkably soothing experience.


If you click the button below, you will hear a computer generated soundtrack allied to this work.

Hopefully, if you listen, you will be able to see further into this work.

Mixed Media : LED lights in wood and acrylic panel box over Ipé wood, canvas, acrylic paint + C18th glass marble.

63 x 61 x 11 cms.


4' 22"