1964 / 5  and All That

1994 - 2008

1964 / 5  and All That - 2008

1964 / 5  and All That                              1994 - 2008

A landscape that started as a timescape, this work is constructed as a collage of various printed images relating to the ''Number 5' series, then currently in progress, plus a selection of scrap items to hand at the time.

The title is taken from a British Sunday paper supplement article on the year, 1964; the only significance relating to this work is that 1964 was the year when AMA commenced his art studies whilst in his last 'A' level year at school. The work evolved as an exercise purely concerned with a visual balance and association of found objects.

This square of high chroma colours spent fourteen years stored away in the various studios that the peripatetic AMA was obliged to create but, having arrived in Saint Raphaël with his circular saw, the chance arose to create a simple frame for it. Once behind the flat, reflective, protective glass surface, the very middle and equal tones of the composite image permit the spectator to observe the gentle undulations of the soft fibreboard onto which they are pasted.

Somewhere in the shallow space between the the reflection of the spectator the softly undulating surface, supporting the collage, lies a landscape rich enough to create its own world.


Collage of screen prints, found paper items, plastic strips and

various paints on fibre board.

63 x 63 x 3.5 cms.

Private Collection